- Move  > left joystick
- Dash/Validate > A button
- Special skill > X button
- Change camera > Select button
- Change music > LB button
- Pause menu > Start button

Keyboard P1:
- Move > Z, Q, S et D
- Dash/Validate > V
- Special skill > B
Keyboard P2:
- Move > Directional arrows
- Dash/Validate > 2
- Special skill > 3
- Change camera > C
- Change music > M
- Pause menu > Enter
- Logo > L



Gameplay video




Flip Crystal League is a spiritual descendant of Windjammers and especially Battle Flip Shot on Neo Geo. It's a sport versus game in 1v1 which takes again the principle of Pong by adding several mechanics. This is the full game! But new content will come again.


Year 1218, Crystalis Kingdom. For a millennium, Crystals have been providing energy and magic to the Crystalis Kingdom. From generation to generation, the kings of the kingdom are charged with protecting the Crystals from the forces of evil. Because in the wrong hands, their powers could lead to chaos in the world. In honor of the Crystals, a sport was created: the Flip Crystal. Every year, a championship gathering the best players of the kingdom is organized, supervised by the king. Who will be the champion this year?


The goal of the game is to score by sending the ball into the opponent's defense zone, the purple area behind the opponent. Each defense zone is protected by a force field (red for the player on the left, blue for the player on the right). To destroy the force field, you must first destroy the 7 Crystals of the opponent by shooting with the ball. Score makes you win the round. By hitting the ball, you gain energy. You can use the character's special ability when your gauge is full.

Game features

- League and Arcade mode (solo)
- Versus mode (human player or AI)
- 10 playable characters with unique powers
- 6 stadiums

Don't hesitate to leave a comment to help us improve the game! ^^




Flip Crystal League est un descendant spirituel de Windjammers et surtout de Battle Flip Shot sur Neo Geo. C'est un jeu de sport de versus en 1v1 qui reprend le principe de Pong en ajoutant plusieurs mécaniques. Il s'agit de la version complète du jeu. Du nouveau contenu arrivera encore comme le mode "Crystal League".


Année 1218, Royaume Crystalis. Depuis un millénaire, les Crystaux sont la source d'énergie et de magie du royaume. De génération en génération, les rois de Crystalis sont chargés de protéger les Crystaux des forces du mal. Car entre de mauvaises mains, leurs pouvoirs pourraient mener au chaos dans le monde entier ! En honneur aux Crystaux, un sport a été créé : le Flip Crystal. Chaque année, un championnat réunissant les meilleurs joueurs est organisé dans le royaume, supervisé par le roi lui-même. Qui sera le champion cette année ?


Le but du jeu est de marquer en envoyant la balle dans la zone de défense violette de l'adversaire. Chaque zone de défense est protégée par un champ de force (rouge pour le joueur de gauche, bleu pour le joueur de droite). Pour détruire le champ de force adverse, il faut d'abord détruire les 7 Crystaux de l'adversaire avec la balle. Marquer vous fait gagner le round.. En frappant la balle, vous gagnez de l'énergie. Vous pouvez utiliser la capacité spéciale du personnage quand votre jauge est pleine.

Caractéristiques du jeu

- Mode Ligue et Arcade (solo)
- Mode Versus (joueur humain ou IA)
- 10 personnages jouables avec des pouvoirs uniques
- 6 stades

N'hésitez pas à laisser un commentaire pour nous aider à améliorer le jeu ! ^^


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PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreSports, Fighting
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Fast-Paced, gamepad, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, play-in-browser, Versus, windjammers
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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interesting concept! i love games that combine sports with moba/class elements uniqely.

Thanks a lot! ^^

If you have any advice, do not hesitate. :)


have you expirimented with a longer court? i feel as though that small adjustment would greatly benifit the pace of the game. also, pasive abilities unique to a champion would be a concept i would like to see implimented. a little more polish and *maybe* some voice lines and i would start paying for the game!

Longer court? No, I never tested. But I plan to vary the size of the courts.

For passive abilities, would you have examples?

Voices are on the program but I have to find people to record them.

Thanks a lot for your advices! ^^

an example for a pasive ability could be simple, like the size of the charector's hit box (wich youve already done) but others could be different. for example, the charector's special could slowly charge over time whereaz onother charector gets slightly faster if he gets a certian amount of volleys in a row. i also have ideas for new powerups if you are interested

Good ideas! And yes, I am interested in powerup ideas. :)


Where is the WebGL version ? I don't want to install it on my PC.

It's available. Enjoy! ^^